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Keep Your Food from Spilling as You Drive It to Family Gatherings

When you have a dish of food that you would like to take to a holiday gathering, you have to figure out a way of getting it to that gathering without it spilling all over the place. It is important for you to seal up the food in some way and then carefully haul it to the destination where it will be served.

Make sure that the food that you are taking with you to a holiday gathering is in a dish with a lid that will not fall off of it. Make sure that the food is going to…
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3 Tips to Keep in Mind During Holiday Travel

Safety is always the most important factor when traveling, all of us at Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln want to wish Daytona Beach drivers a safe and happy holiday season. To avoid the hassle of airline travel, many people opt to drive home for the holidays instead. Please remember these tips for a safe journey to your destination.
1. Plan ahead for traffic delays. Leave early and give yourself plenty of time to get there without rushing.
2. The shortest route is not always the safest. Plan your route with designated rest stops and access to services.
3. Keep emergency supplies…
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SUVs are Among the Safest Vehicles on the Road

If you are in the market for a safe vehicle, you should look no further than a SUV. These vehicles can withstand impact from collisions better than smaller vehicles. This fact gives SUV owners a peace of mind when they are on the road, especially our customers at Gary Yeomans Lincoln!

Other than being extremely safe vehicles, SUVs are very practical vehicles. They can carry more cargo, including materials and humans, than most other vehicles. If you own a SUV, you can start a business moving cargo or transport a large group of people on vacation. The possibilities are endless…

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Keeping Halloween Safe for Everyone

Walking around from door to door to collect candy can be fun for everyone! However, if you are a pedestrian or a driver this Halloween, you'll want to make sure you follow some basic safety tips to keep everyone's Halloween fun for everyone. Our staff at Gary Yeomans Lincoln is here to ensure that you're prepared for the upcoming spooky holiday, so keep these pieces of advice in mind!

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The 2018 Lincoln Navigator: Power and More

When you slip behind the wheel of a 2018 Lincoln Navigator, you're not driving just another SUV. You're driving a premier vehicle that represents the top tier of SUV size and power.

Boasting a 3.5-liter V6 engine under its hood, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator has been rated to produce a whopping 450 horsepower. That's a 70-horsepower jump from the 2017 Lincoln Navigator that puts the new SUV on par with many of America's most popular trucks.

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6 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Road Trip this Summer

If you and your favorite pooch are planning an exciting road trip, whether it's across the country or just an hour or two away, it's important than you plan accordingly to keep your dog as happy as possible. The experts at POPSUGAR have a lot of experience with dogs and travelling, so they've provided us with a list of six tips for a happy dog on your trip.

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How to Improve Driving Visibility Before Sunset

Sunset, and the hours immediately leading up to it, are some of the worst for driving. The sun is bright and beautiful, and shining at the perfect angle to blind you. Even though it's still perfectly light outside, visibility can be worse than in a downpour.

It's not always possible to avoid driving during pre-sunset hours, either. In the winter at Daytona Beach, sunset coincides with rush hour, making the roads busy, even as glare is at its peak.

To improve your visibility, always make sure your windshield is freshly washed, especially on the interior, which can't…

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Meticulous Lincoln Owners: Beware Over-Touching

You might think drivers who don't bother to wash their cars would being doing the most damage to their vehicle's finish. In some cases, however, doing nothing is better than doing too much, and doing it the wrong way.

One of the biggest mistakes seen by Larry Kosilla, a professional detailer and star of Autoblog Details, is over-touching—or as he calls it, "over-loving."

Drivers who love their cars are often meticulous about spot-cleaning off mud, bugs, or bird droppings in between washes, but frequent wiping with a dry cloth is a guaranteed way to leave swirl marks…

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CarFinder Provides Exactly what you Want

Helping us provide the best service that we can for our customers, we introduce the CarFinder. It is a confidential, no-obligation service that takes the criteria for a vehicle that you want, and allows us to search for it. You no longer have to worry about going through thousands of online resources to find the exact one you want, we will do it for you. When we find one that fits what you want, we will contact you with information and pictures.

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A Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln Could Be Just the Vehicle You're Looking For

Finding a luxurious ride on a budget can sometimes be a challenge in Daytona Beach. Why should you need to sacrifice comfort, quality, and reliability just for affordability? You shouldn't, and that's why a Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln can make all the difference.

Every Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln vehicle has passed a thorough 200-point inspection by factory-trained technicians, to ensure quality and reliability. Any part that doesn’t meet our high standards is repaired or fit with a factory-grade replacement.

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