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Convenience and Safety with Apple CarPlay

We’ve all seen ways to make our smartphones hands-free and safe/legal. None of them were that great, were they? Well, Apple didn’t think so! This is why they’re teaming up with many of the biggest automotive manufacturers to provide the CarPlay system as a hot new feature. This looks to help keep the streets of Daytona Beach much safer.

Hands-Free Experience

With full-featured Siri on your side, you have full voice-recognition and text to speech to control your entire digital experience without your eyes or hands leaving the road/wheel. Along with her, push-button controls on the wheel also allow quick, safe control when Siri’s not sufficient.

All the Apps. All.

If it’s an iOS app and its road-safe, your CarPlay system is probably fine running it. Don’t do without maps, GPS, digital radio or anything else you’re so used to always being tied into. Make hands-free calls, get reservations and don’t be lost, all while you jam to your playlist in real time.

No Distractions

Need to glance at actual text to see traffic, weather or caller ID? The onboard dash display is big, beautiful and easy to glance at.

To see what CarPlay can really do, come see us at Gary Yeomans Lincoln, we’ll show you some neat stuff.

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