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It's the Law: Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

Most Americans have not heard of any "Move Over" laws. In fact, 71 percent didn't know there was such a law. All 50 states have these laws in place. The toll of deaths continues to rise each year in different states. According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, 200 roadside workers lose their lives each year. Consequently, 150 law enforcement officers have been killed since 1997.

Everyone needs to practice safe driving. When you see an emergency vehicle on the roadside, move to the opposite lane. Slow down as needed, even if there are no traffic signs. Try to put yourself in that workers shoes, and be courteous.

A nationwide awareness campaign is being issued to protect the emergency personnel on the roadsides. "Move Over, America" was founded in 2007. The movement was created to get Americans educated. Contact the Gary Yeomans Lincoln sales team for questions or concerns on safe driving.

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