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When to Replace Shocks and Struts

Your car's suspension system is made up of several different parts. They all work together to provide a smooth and comfortable ride that is as free of bumps as possible. Just as other parts of your car require regular maintenance to keep running at optimal performance, your car's suspension system also requires maintenance.

Most mechanics recommend that you change the shocks and struts on your vehicle at around the 50,000 mile mark. At this time, you should have your entire suspension system thoroughly inspected. If you notice that you are experiencing a harsh and rough ride, you should have your vehicle inspected sooner. Also, if you notice any fluid leaking from a shock or strut, it's best to have the vehicle inspected right away.

If you need to have your shocks or struts replaced, contact the service department at Gary Yeomans Lincoln located in Daytona Beach. They can inspect your vehicle and advise you of needed service.

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