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Does Your Brake Pedal Feel Spongy?

Your car’s brakes are a key component for getting you to your destination. Your brake pedal can be an indicator that there is an issue with your brake line. If the pedal feels spongy when you step on it, it means that there is reduced pressure in the brake line.

Reduced pressure in the brake line can be caused by a brake fluid leak. If there is a leak, pressing the pedal doesn’t produce as much pressure in the line. If air has gotten into the line, it can disrupt the flow of brake fluid, also making the brake feel spongy. If the brake calipers or cylinders are corroded, it can also cause a fluid leak.

If your brakes feel spongy, it’s important to have your brake line inspected soon. The qualified professionals in our service center at Gary Yeomans Lincoln in Daytona Beach can locate and fix any problems in your brake line.

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