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Danger Signs Your Exhaust System is Malfunctioning

What's dangerous about not paying attention to a leaking exhaust system in your vehicle is the fact that harmful odorless and colorless gases are continually escaping into the passenger cabin, with possible fatal results. Our service department at Gary Yeomans Lincoln in Daytona Beach offers the following warning signs that your exhaust system has developed a leak and needs immediate attention.

Hear a whistling sound from the tailpipe or strange hissing and popping sounds when the engine is running? Feel a strange vibration in the steering wheel, car seat or foot pedals? Are you filling your gas tank more frequently but getting less power and less mileage? These are all significant warning signs that your exhaust system is rusting and has developed one or more leaks.

At the first sign of any of the above issues, don't take chances! Make an appointment with our Gary Yeomans Lincoln service department to have your exhaust system repaired.

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