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Keep Proper Alignment

A vehicle can accidentally become misaligned. Things like hitting a deep pothole, driving over rough roads, or knocking the tire against a curb can cause the problem. Some signs that the car has gotten out of alignment are when braking the vehicle pulls to the left or right, uneven wear on the tires, or poor gas mileage. If the steering wheel begins to vibrate, the car could have been bumped out of alignment.

Service technicians check the alignment using wheel angle measurements. The measurements need to be in line with the manufacturer's recommendations. If there are off, the technician can adjust them.

When you get your oil change, have the alignment measured. This is an excellent way to make it part of the routine maintenance on your car.

Time for an alignment check? Contact Gary Yeomans Lincoln conveniently located in Daytona Beach to schedule an appointment today. Keeping good alignment means better gas mileage and handling, and it prevents extra wear on the tires.

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