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How to Improve Driving Visibility Before Sunset

Sunset, and the hours immediately leading up to it, are some of the worst for driving. The sun is bright and beautiful, and shining at the perfect angle to blind you. Even though it's still perfectly light outside, visibility can be worse than in a downpour.

It's not always possible to avoid driving during pre-sunset hours, either. In the winter at Daytona Beach, sunset coincides with rush hour, making the roads busy, even as glare is at its peak.

To improve your visibility, always make sure your windshield is freshly washed, especially on the interior, which can't be sprayed with washer fluid on the go. A dirty windshield may look clear under normal lighting conditions, but tiny particles diffract light when hit with glare.

Wearing polarized sunglasses, and utilizing your vehicle's built-in sun visor also help cut down on the effect of glare.

Whenever you are faced with a low-visibility situation, reduce speed, give other cars a wider following distance, and turn on your headlights so oncoming traffic can see you.

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