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6 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Road Trip this Summer

If you and your favorite pooch are planning an exciting road trip, whether it's across the country or just an hour or two away, it's important than you plan accordingly to keep your dog as happy as possible. The experts at POPSUGAR have a lot of experience with dogs and travelling, so they've provided us with a list of six tips for a happy dog on your trip.

You can quickly read through our written list below but, if you'd like to see more about each tip and get a look at a puppy enjoying some fun, then go check out the POPSUGAR YouTube page. From all of us here at Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln, we hope your trip brings joy to you and your dog alike!

  • A road kit of poop bags, dog food, water, and treats is a must
  • Lay out their favorite blanket so the familiar smells keep them calm
  • If they get too stressed, a little back massage with long strokes down to the tip of the tail will chill them out
  • If the car movement leaves them without an appetite, the tantalizing smell of dog food mixed with applesauce and yogurt will get any puppy's tail wagging
  • Rest stops can be an opportunity for exercise when you bring their favorite toys
  • If you have a mess of fur left on the hotel or B&B furniture, a squeegee can get the job done
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